Ex Navy Camels, never deployed 12m x 2.4m

Price AU $35,000 Or nearest offer

AU $35,000 Or nearest offer
These 12m x 2.4m Camels were manufactured for the navy. Navies use them as floating fender/walkways between ships, ships and wharves, submarines and wharves etc. These units have never been deployed.
These camels are practically indestructible; they are constructed from solid HMPE lumber and connected by 316 stainless steel fasteners. Each Camel has navy-grey, non marking D-fenders on longitudinal sides. These particular camels are all exactly the same dimension so they can be connected together to form larger floating structures. Each of the camels is equipped with a pair of removable A-Frame stands; the stands allow the camels to bottom-out in tidal areas or you could attach axles and wheels to allow deployment and retrieval from a beach or ramp. They come with lifting lugs, and bollards.

HMPE floats, but these camels have additional flotation to provide a free-board height of approximately 200mm. Additional flotation (Polly Pipe) can be attached to increase free-board if needed. Each Camel weighs approximately eight tonne.

These indestructible floating platforms are the perfect solution for temporary extensions to wharves, piers, or jetties. Perfect for remote access to the islands or for any marine tourist venture.

There are 12 units available and they are located in Dongara WA.
Western Australia
Spearwood WA
2012 approximate

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