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Expressions of interest
ULTRAGUARD Antifouling is the world's premier ultrasonic bio-fouling system.
ULTRAGUARD is a hi-tech, clean and efficient system for the prevention of bio-fouling on all types of vessels.
The ULTRAGUARD system generates hi powered ultrasonic pulses to resonate transducers attached to the inside of a vessels hull and to seawater systems and coolers.

The resonating transducers send vibrations across the protected surfaces, these vibrations disrupt the gripping force that the larvae of bio-fouling organisms use to hold onto the vessel and its systems at a microscopic level. The larvae are unable to grip the protected surfaces and therefor unable to create a permanent bond, denying them the opportunity to grow and mature. Instead, they simply float away from the protected surfaces leaving the vessel free of bio-fouling.

Designed, developed and manufactured in Scotland to be robust, reliable, simple to install and easy to maintain the ULTRAGUARD Antifouling Systems offers owners a clean, non toxic means of keeping hulls and intake systems free from growth.

ULTRAGUARD Antifouling Systems provide a non toxic, non biocidal alternative to bio-fouling. A clean hull will increase your vessel's efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.
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ULTRAGUARD Antifouling
Price is dependent on size of system and amount of transducers

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