Custom Road Transportable Modular Barges

Price AU $2,000 Negotiable

AU $2,000 Negotiable
12.2m x 7.38m Road Transportable Modular Barges.

Barges Australia are mobilising part of their fleet of 12.2m modular pontoon barges to WA.
Barges Australia are now providing coast ot coast service for their fleet of rental barges.

Each pontoon is 12.2m long x 3.5m wide, weighs 8/9 tonnes, and has a carrying capacity of 25 tonnes.
They can be used individually, or in multiple arrangements.
The most typical arrangement used in construction projects is two pontoons joined side-to-side via a set of 36ยดยด wide spacing frames, producing a barge 12.2m long x 7.9m wide with 50 tonnes carrying capacity and good stability.
However, larger setups of 3,4, or more units can be joined together in a variety of configurations. They are designed to be joined side-to-side or end-to-end.

These barges will accommodate cranes, excavators, piling machines, drilling rigs, and other plant.
Floating bases to support elevated work platforms, scaffolding, and other access logistics.
Barges to transport equipment and materials.
Floating work platforms to provide access out from the shore for men and materials.
Floating conveyor operations and load out systems.
Accommodation for water based site sheds, amenities buildings, and storage areas.
Platforms to receive and contain demolition rubble and contaminated materials, to prevent losing these into the water.
Platforms to support diving, dredging, and other marine operations.
Temporary floating marinas, exhibition areas and entertainment stages.
Barges for fireworks and the like.
Support for film sets, etc.
Western Australia
Spearwood WA
Charter, Commercial
2009 approximate
40' 0" - 12.20m
Hull Material

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